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Wellness Session - Animals & People

Energetic health check. Holistic health advice & lots of fun & insight

  • 45 minutes
  • 197 US dollars
  • Phone, Messenger, Signal or WhatsApp Session

Service Description

We are interconnected, and we all experience how we get uplifted by happy people. And especially by the unconditional love of our animals. It is stressful when things are not going well with our pets, us, or even all of us. You might have tried everything. Maybe the vet couldn't help despite countless testing and vet visits. Your quest for an answer might have been long, and you found some solutions but not to the extent needed. Susanne has been there, and through her journey, she gathered a wealth of knowledge. She was also born with the gift of healing. One of Susanne's most priced insights is that our pets take on our energy. It can show through behavioral issues, health concerns, or both. This is also the reason why vets are often unable to find a solution. Our doctors hardly go past lab results to ask us about what is going on in our life. I can't remember my vet asking me. In a session, Susanne is guided to the underlying issues. Sometimes it is about the pet. More often than not, it does include what is going on with the person. One of Susanne's dogs would get bladder infections when she was upset about something but didn't honour her feeling. Once she understood and took responsibility for her emotions her dog never had another bladder infection. You know that pets love unconditionally. They also show us our emotions when we are not willing to feel them. Animals are honest while we might not feel safe, to be honest about our emotions. Showing us our emotions to the point where they get sick is their selfless service. They are here to guide us into embodied enlightenment. Susanne's mission is to translate for them and help them and their people to live their best life. Sometimes even longstanding anxiety and behavioral issues disappear after the session as if they never existed. Susanne and the pack look forward to sharing this magical experience with you. How does a session work? Susanne’s approach is gentle and kind, holding space for answers to flow through her. She channels energy and information. In order to communicate with animals, Susanne requires a picture, the name, and the age of the animal. You will receive a recording of the session. During the Zoom call, you might be guided through a visualization where you might even get information yourself. For most people, it feels as if their animal is right with them, even if they are no longer physically present.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact us at least 48 hours prior to scheduled session. If you are late or miss a session Susanne will be sending remote healing starting at scheduled starting time, therefor the session will end as scheduled. We are happy to serve you. Have a wonderful day, Susanne

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