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PET Power Energy Course f. Practitioners

One-on-one sessions specifically designed for you. 3x45 min.

  • 45 minutes
  • 575
  • 3x45 min. Zoom or phone calls

Service Description

This package that is specifically designed for practitioners. This course will help you to offer more powerful sessions be it acupuncture or massage. You will be able to energize remedies that you sell or use. Susanne is a Reiki Master/Teacher and uses the Reiki initiation process to initiate people in all the energies that she has access to. If you already have had Reiki initiations it will make your Reiki more powerful. Her goal is to give people tools to empower themselves and prevent burnout as you won’t use your own energy during the treatments. After the training you can even do your acupuncture sessions long-distance. We are not sure about long-distance massages, yet. Training for energy healing on physical level - 2 hours one-on-one via Zoom (Susanne will do the initiations before and after the call) 3 weeks later: Training for energy healing on mental, emotional level - 2 hours one-on-one via Zoom (Susanne will do the initiations before and after the call) This course will be custom designed for your specific needs and type of work. It is as much healing for you as it will be preparation for a new level in your treatments, without using your energy but allowing energy to flow through you. This way every time you do a session you will have a healing session yourself. You can book the first session here. The second session will be 21 days or more after the first session. We will arrange it so that it works best with your schedule to allow time to integrate and rest after the sessions. Please email if you have any more questions or need clarification.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact us at least 48 hours prior to scheduled session. If you are late or miss a session Susanne will sending remote healing starting at scheduled starting time, therefor the session will end as scheduled. We are happy to serve you. Have a wonderful day, Susanne

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