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Animal Communication & Channeling course

You book the first session. We will book the other 6 sessions together

  • 45 minutes
  • 1,377 US dollars
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Service Description

Animal Communication can help: Solve your pets' behavioral problems. Create a better relationship with your pet and yourself. Save money & have fewer trips to the vet. Be happier and healthier with less stress. Stay deeply connected with your pet that passed. Find more comfort being the real you & live the best version of your life. This course is for beginners and people that want to go deeper into the subject of animals communication. You might have studied animal communication previously but struggle to get a clear message from your animal or just stopped doing it. Maybe you just always thought that there was more to animals, and they had more to say than, we want to go out, get fed, or have a belly rub. What if you were living with Einstein and just never had the language to ask the interesting questions about life. Your animals have insight into your health, happiness, relationships, and even business advice. Who knows you better? The good thing is that what you learn goes way beyond animal communication. You will learn how to channel anything. You could even channel information from your business. What is channeling anyway? For me, it is higher vibrational information. Let's say the police had a car chase. They would have a helicopter in the air telling the police car on the ground where the bank robbers went. The guys on the ground would have to arrest them. Channeling is the communication between the ones on the ground (you) and the helicopter (the animal's soul, source, your higher self...). You still live your life, but now you get a little heads up on what directions to take. I believe that we all have that ability but were trained not to trust it. I offer guidance, activations, and visualizations to remind you of your power and connection. I help you across, around, and over any blocks and perceived limitations, you might have or encounter along the way. It is a journey. This course will help you to hear your animals, trust the messages you get, and open up to soul talk with everything and everyone around you. Please be aware that you are paying for seven sessions. We will find a day and time that works for you for the rest of the session at the end of the first session. If you are unsure before you book please feel free to schedule a free 15 min Discovery Call.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact us at least 48 hours prior to scheduled session. If you are late or miss a session Susanne will sending remote healing starting at scheduled starting time, therefor the session will end as scheduled. We are happy to serve you. Have a wonderful day, Susanne

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