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Susanne Aichele

Susanne offers insights about you and your animals.
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for Animals &

Need help with your or your pet's health?

Does your animal have behavioural issues?

You just want to have more vitality and balance?

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Communication Session

Your animal have so much wisdom. Susanne is happy to translate for you both so that you can gain access to all the insights they want to share with you.

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Ask Your Guides
anything goes

Wonder what to do next?

Do you need more clarity?

Your guides are here to offer you insights and your next step, be it health, money, relationship, or business advice.

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Animal Communication & Channeling Course 

Your animal have so much wisdom. Wouldn't you like to know what they have to say?

You can learn to communicate in this Seven-week program 

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About Susanne

Susanne is a natural healer, animal communicator and channel. She serves an international clientele and is fluent in English and German. Susanne’s love for animals and the planet is what defines her. She is passionate about wellness and loves to share that with you.

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Susanne's Approach

Susanne’s approach is gentle and kind, holding space for answers to flow through her. She channels energy and information, joy and pleasure, freedom and liberty. Susanne empowers people to access their intuition with more confidence and grace.

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Harbour Seal Pup in our deck on the cove
Testimonial from Gwen Gilliam
Susanne has this amazing ability to tap into my dogs energy field, and know what she needed that would make it better for the two of us. ...Josie was really giving me a hard time when we would go for our walks each day, and Susanne was able to let me know what she needed and what a difference it has made..She also was able to give me sound advice as to what foods would help her to live out a more happier and healthy life as I want her around for a very long time and Josie agrees with this too

Joni, USA


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Providing services in English and Deutsch.

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