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Animal Wellness Session

We all want to be healthy, to feel good and full of energy. So do your animals. In a session Susanne will remove energetic barriers, and teach you how to keep you and your pet’s energy systems tuned up. It’s all done in a fun, playful way. The animals love it, the owners as well. Sometime even longstanding anxiety and behavioural issues disappear after the session, as if they never existed. 


Susanne doesn’t fix anything. She brings systems into balance, which means your system, the animal's system and the ecosystem that the two or more of you create. Sound like fun? Well, it is! Animals often mirror us, give us feedback and even advice. Susanne translates your animal’s behaviour for you and shows you solutions to challenges.


Susanne and you will meet via Zoom after Susanne has received a picture, and the name of the animal. This is all she needs to open up the connection. She will receive intuitive insights on what is needed to correct a situation, be it a health or behavioural issue. In Susanne’s experience it’s the animals that bring their human. People usually leave the session in an elevated mood with newfound hope, practical tools, and nutritional and holistic health advice.