Animal Connection Session

In the session Susanne will take you through a visualization where you will meet your animal friend. This can even be a pet that has died. You will see your friend happy and healthy, and can ask any questions you like. They are eager to talk and are excited about the opportunity for you to connect with them. 


Susanne calls it Animal Connection as it is not just Animal Communication. The sessions invoke feelings, emotions, sensations. It’s more a full body experience than just a mental exercise to collect information. Pets often offer insights into people’s lives. You would be surprised what they come up with, but after all they are the ones that know you best.


Your animals give direct, loving and kind feedback whether you are in your power or not. The animals uplift and entertain. Susanne loves the joy and happiness that they bring to the table. It’s like a chat over coffee with your best friend.


While Susanne receives most of the messages, some people start to get messages themselves by being in the energy of the session. You will have a recording of the session so that you can replay the meditation, and deepen the non-physical connection with your pet.


"Come and play with us!" is the message Susanne gets from the pack.